Video transcript

This is Bob, Bob has been looking to repurchase his favorite pair of pants but cannot find them online. Bob’s pants have been damaged, sadly, and cannot be repaired. Bob has decided to use his new ELDER PRINT to make an identical repaired copy of his pants and continue to enjoy them. He pops the pants into to the ELDER PRINT and they are printed as good as new.

Bob loves his brown polo shirt, and is eager to make a copy of it in another color to match his outfit. Bob pops it into the ELDER PRINT selects the specific color and waits for the new copy to be printed.
This is Betty. Betty loves dinner parties. At this dinner party one of Betty’s naughty guests spills red wine all over her beautiful shirt. Betty excuses herself and walks over to her office where her ELDER PRINT is located. She is then ready to quickly print a copy of her shirt and return to her guests.

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